Stordalen Mire Lake Names

 Stordalen Mire Lake Names

Stordalen Mire is located 11 km east of the town of Abisko in northern Sweden (at approximately 68°21′N, 19°02′E or 68.350°N, 19.033°E). The mire is 350 m above sea level and is underlain by sporadic permafrost. Research has been conducted in the area for decades, and Stordalen Mire is a key research location for studies of northern wetlands. There are over a hundred lakes and ponds in the mire, many quite small. Only a few have names; these are medium-sized lakes which have been the subject of several studies.

On the map below several lakes are named. Using the same lake names for current and future studies helps in comparing results, rather than numbering lakes anew for each study as has often been done in the past.

Named lakes:
Inre Harrsjön (68.3583°N, 19.0463°E)
Mellersta Harrsjön (68.3585°N, 19.0420°E)*
Villasjön (68.3551°N, 19.0548°E)
Yttre Harrsjön (68.3606°N, 19.0423°E)
Långsjön (68.3592°N, 19.0325°E)

Just to the southeast of the mire is the larger and long-named lake Vuoskojaure (68.346°N, 19.099°E). To the north of Stordalen Mire is the very large lake Torneträsk (6th largest lake in Sweden by area, 3rd largest by volume, and 2nd deepest).

*Note that in a few existing papers, Mellersta Harrsjön is referred to as "Mellan Harrsjön".

Department of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University