Iain Pitcairn

Iain Pitcairn

Senior Lecturer, Docent in Ore Geology
Department of Geological Sciences
Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: (+46) 8 674 78 38
Email: iain.pitcairngeo.su.se


Photo: Niklas Björling/Stockholms university


I completed my undergraduate degree in Geology at the University of Edinburgh in 1998 and MSc in Geochemistry at the University of Leeds in 2000. I completed my PhD “Sources of fluids and metals in orogenic gold deposits: The Otago Schists, New Zealand” from the National Oceanography Centre Southampton in 2004 under the supervision of Prof. Damon Teagle. I moved in 2005 to Queens University Canada for a postdoc working with Dr Gema Olivo, and then to Sweden in 2006 for a 2nd post doc at the Department of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University where I am currently resident as senior lecturer in Ore Geology.

My main research interest has been in identifying the sources of metals and fluids in hydrothermal ore deposits. I run the low level gold lab in the Department of Geological Sciences at SU, where we carry out ultra low detection limit analyses of gold and other metals in rock samples with the aim of identifying metal-depleted source regions for different hydrothermal ore deposits. I also carry out research in ore deposit characterisation, hydrothermal alteration and metamorphic fluid flow. I teach mineralogy, metamorphic petrology and ore geology at the Department of Geological Sciences at SU. I was appointed deputy Head of Department in 2018.

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