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Curriculum Vitae for Jan Backman (April 2012)


Address:Department of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University
SE-109 91 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 164720 Fax: +46 8 674 7897
1980 FD (Ph D)
Stockholm University. Thesis: "Miocene-Pliocene nannofossils and sedimentation rates in the Hatton-Rockall Basin, NE Atlantic Ocean" Research Supervisor: Professor Ivar Hessland
1974 Fil. kand.Stockholm University
Specialization:Marine geology, Cenozoic paleoceanography, calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy
Professional experience:
1997–Professor of General and Historical Geology, Stockholm University
1988–97University Lecturer, Stockholm University
1986–87University Lecturer, University of Cambridge, UK
1982–88Senior Researcher, Swedish Natural Science Research Council
1985–Docent, Stockholm University, Historical Geology and Paleontology
1981Post-doctoral fellowship, Swedish Natural Science Research Council, University of Cambridge, hosted by N.J. Shackleton
1975Summer Research Fellow, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Professional societies:
  American Geophysical Union
Geological Society of America
International Nannoplankton Association
2010Assar Hadding Prize in Geology, Lund University
2006–Member, Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences
1994Björkénska Prize, University of Uppsala
Research supervision Ph D Students

Main supervisor for: Otto Hermelin, Gunilla Gard, Gunnar Olafsson, Per Bodén, Martin Jakobsson, Richard Gyllencreutz, Teodora Blaj

Associate supervisor for: Alexander Chepstow-Lusty (Cambridge, w/ N.J. Shackleton), Chiara Consolaro (Padova, w/ D. Rio), Claudia Agnini (Padova, w/ E. Fornaciari), Emma Sellén (w/ M. Jakobsson), Daniela Hanslik (w/ M. Jakobsson and J. Kleman)

Ongoing Daniele Reghellin (w/ G.R. Dickens and H. Coxall)
Sea-going experience:
2009 Shipboard Scientist, IODP Expedition 321, D/V JOIDES Resolution
2006 Shipboard Scientist, AMAT03 (Site Survey), R/V Roger Revelle
2004 Co-Chief Scientist, IODP Expedition 302 (ACEX), I/B Oden
2003 Shipboard Scientist, Chukchi Plateau (Arctic), USCGC Healy
2001 Shipboard Scientist, ODP Leg 199, D/V JOIDES Resolution
1999 Shipboard Scientist, IMAGES Leg 3, R/V Marion Dufresne
1996 Shipboard Scientist, SWEDARCTIC 96 (Arctic), I/B Oden
1994 Shipboard Scientist, ODP Leg 154, D/V JOIDES Resolution
1992 Shipboard Scientist, Cruise Ew9209, R/V Maurice Ewing
1991 Shipboard Scientist, Arctic Ocean '91, FS Polarstern
1990 Shipboard Scientist, ODP Leg 130, D/V JOIDES Resolution
1987 Co-Chief Scientist, ODP Leg 115, D/V JOIDES Resolution
1986 Shipboard Scientist, ODP Leg 108, D/V JOIDES Resolution
1981 Shipboard Scientist, DSDP Leg 81, D/V Glomar Challenger
Stockholm University service (selected):
2000–2005Dean of Earth and Environmental Sciences
2000–2005Chair, Earth and Environmental Sciences Appointments Board
2000–2002Associate Dean, Faculty of Science
1996–2005Member of Board, Faculty of Science
1996–2003Head of Department, Department of Geology and Geochemistry
1996–1999Associate Dean of Earth Sciences
Other service (selected):
2010–Delegate Steering Committee, ESF's EARTHTIME-EU
2010–Member Advisory Board, Lund Univ. Linneus program (LUCCI)
2009 Member Editor Search Committee for Paleoceanography (AGU)
2006–2007 Member Steering Committee, IODP SASEC Symposium on North Atlantic and Arctic Climate Variability
2005–2007 Member IODP Science Steering and Evaluation Panel
2005 Member Deutsche Forschungsemeinschaft Review Panel: Assessment of the DFG Research Centre: Ocean Margins Program
2002–2003 Member Board of Paleostudies Program, University of Bremen
2002– Member Editorial Board, Geologiska Föreningens Förhandlingar
2002 Member/Rapporteur EU Technical Review Panel, IHP-ARI Action
2001 Member EU Human Potential Programme Panel
2000–2001 Chair Arctic Detailed Planning Group (JOI/ODP)
1999–2001 Member Arctic Program Planning Group (JOI/ODP)
1999–2001 Vice President European Union of Geosciences
1997–2003 Member European Union of Geosciences Council
1997–1999 Secretary European Union of Geosciences Board
1995–1999 Member Large-Scale Facilities Panel, EU TMR Programme
1995–1996 Co-ordinator Marine Geology and Geophysics, SWEDARCTIC's 1996 Expedition, central Arctic Ocean
1995– Voting Member Subcommission on Neogene Stratigraphy, IUGS
1995 Member ODP International Review Committee, ODP Council
1992–1995 Delegate Nordic Group for Ocean Drilling Program; ESF Scientific Committee for ODP (ESCO); ODP Ocean History Panel (OHP)
1989–1992 Alternate member ODP Planning Committee (PCOM)
1989–1994 Member Editorial Board Geologische Rundschau
1988–1995 Chair Swedish Natural Science Research Council's National ODP Working Group
1988–1991 Co-ordinator Swedish Marine Geology and Geophysics Program, International Arctic Ocean Expedition 1991
1987– Member Editorial Board, Marine Micropaleontology
1981–84 Senior Science Editor Initial Reports Deep-Sea Drilling Project Leg 81