Sediment core Matt O'Regan

Matt O'Regan

Research Scientist in Sediment Physical Properties
Department of Geological Sciences
Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: (+46) 8 674 78 57
Email: matt.oregangeo.su.se

I am a marine geologist who specializes in the physical properties of sediments and how they are related to depositional and post-depositional processes. Much of my research focuses on investigating the Quaternary glacial history of the Arctic Ocean using marine sediment cores and geophysical data; analysing sedimentary records to understand the development and variability of sea ice in the geologic past; and deciphering how key tectonic events associated with the development of the Arctic Ocean are related to palaeoceanographic changes in the basin.

A particular challenge in working with Arctic marine sediments, lies in our ability to date them. Project logoDetailing the stratigraphy and resolving the chronology of Quaternary sediments from the Arctic continues to be an active area of my research, and makes use of an extensive collection of marine sediment cores from the Arctic Ocean that are stored at Stockholm University.

Over the past few years, I have also begun a renewed effort to collect and process marine heat flow data from the Arctic Ocean and Baltic Sea. This is being used to explore the tectonic history of different geologic provinces, look for evidence of subsurface fluid flow systems, and provide important boundary conditions for modeling marine methane hydrate dynamics.

I am currently the course director for our introductory Geology and geophysics (GG2202) course and a distance course in Marine petrophysics (GG5126). I contribute to the teaching of Marine Geophysical mapping methods (GG4207) and Paleoceanography and paleoclimatology I (GG5113).