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Curriculum Vitae

Academic Record
now: Professor at Stockholms University (Sweden).

DFG-Mercator-Professor at Institut für Geographie, Universität Würzburg (Germany).

2008–2012: Associate Professor at Canterbury.
2005–2007: Senior Lecturer at Canterbury University.
2002–2005: Professor at Mainz University.
1998–2002: Associate Professor at Mainz University.
1993–1994: Research Associate at Yale University (USA).
1992–1993 and 1994-1998: Assistant Professor at "Institut für Geowissenschaften" of Mainz University (Germany).
1989–1992: Postdoctoral scholar at Tübingen.
1988–1989: Research Associate at Tübingen University.

Ph.D. studies at Tübingen University (Germany); advisor: Wolfgang Frisch.

1979–1985: Diplom studies at Darmstadt University (Germany); advisor: Georg Kleinschmidt.
Fellowships and Awards:

"Hans Cloos Compass" of the “Geologische Vereinigung of Germany”
(award for 'excellent and innovative research').


Fellow of the Geological Society of London.


Scholar of the German Science Foundation.


Scholar of the Humboldt Foundation.

Professional Committee, Editorial and Review Responsibilities


Editor for American Journal of Science - Special Issue “A tribute to the career of Alfred Kröner”; Ring, U., Mertz, D.F. (Editors).


Lead editor for Special Publications Geological Society London 321 (2009): Ring, U., Wernicke, B. (Editors): Extending a continent: Architecture, rheology and heat budget.

Co-convenor for Penrose Conference on "Extending a Continent: Architecture, Rheological Coupling and Heat Budget" to be held on Naxos, Greece, October 8–13, 2007.


Advisory Editor for Journal Geological Society London (since 2003).


Editorial Board, Geology 1998–2000, since 2008; Journal of the Virtual Explorer, Journal of African Earth Sciences and Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences.


Lead editor for Special Publications Geological Society London 154 (1999): Ring, U., Brandon, M.T., Lister, G.S., Willett, S. (Editors): Exhumation Processes: Normal faulting, ductile flow and erosion.


Co-convenor of symposia on "Geodynamics of collision belts: stacking and exhumation processes", European Geophysical Society meeting, Nice, April 20–24, 1998.


Co-convenor for Penrose Conference on "Exhumation Processes: Normal faulting, ductile flow and erosion", Chania, Crete, October 8–13, 1997.


Brandon, M.T. & Ring, U. (1996): Exhumation Processes: Normal Faulting, Ductile flow, and Erosion (Penrose conference). – Report. GSA Today, 7 (5), 17–20.


Brandon, M.T. & Ring, U. (1995): Exhumation Processes: Normal Faulting, Ductile flow, and Erosion (Penrose conference). GSA Today, 5 (12), 242–243.

Research Grants

Climate-controlled mountain building: Tectonic consequences of the rain shadow in the Southern Alps of New Zealand – Swedish Research Council, funding 2017–2020.

Trying to resolve the mystery of the uplift of the Al Hajar Mountains in Oman -Stiftelsen Anna-Greta och Holger Crafoords fond, funding 2014–2017.

Testing tectonic concepts for the Seve Nappe Complex, Jämtland – Swedish Geological Survey, 2014–2017.

Some like it hot: testing predictions of numerical models on continental extension, core complex development and lower-crustal flow – Swedish Research Council, funding until 2016.

Inversion of a Tertiary sedimentary basin: The Castle Hill basin – Brian Mason Technical Trust, funding until 2014.

Eclogite exhumation and associated mineralisations – International mobility fund of NZ, funding 2011–2012.

Active fault zones as an analogy for fluid pathways in fossil mineral systems – Centre of Exploration Targeting, Perth – funding 2010–2011.

How do continents extend? The Paparoa core complex – Brain Mason Trust (NZ$25000 for 2 years).

Rift dynamics, uplift and climate change: interdisciplinary research linking asthenosphere and atmosphere – DFG Forschergruppe (Research Unit) 703 (Euro 5.6 mill for 6 years).

Timing of eclogite-facies metamorphism and rates of exhumation of the eclogite zone in the Tauern Window, Austria – proposal Ri 538/25-1 (Euro 25.000 for 3 years).

Rb-Sr and fission-track dating of high-pressure rocks in the Cyclades, Greece, for precisely con-straining rates of exhumation – proposal Ri 538/23-1 (Euro 25.000 for 3 years).

Exhumation of high and ultrahigh-pressure rocks in extruding wedges: a field study in the Western Gneiss Region of Norway and the Eclogite Zone of the Tauern window and finite-element modelling (project is funded through DFG graduate college at Mainz University) (funding for 1 Postdoc and 1 Ph.D. student for 3 years).

The thermal and topographic evolution of the Menderes Massif, western Turkey, combined thermal-mechanical-hydraulic numerical simulations (project in graduate college) (funding for 1 Ph.D. student for 3 years).

Is vertical ductile thinning a major exhumation mechanism? A case study in a Late Paleozoic accre-tionary wedge in Chile – DFG project Ri 538/21-1 (Euro 100.000 received for 2 years).

Fission track and (U-Th)/He-dating on apatite and zircon for constraining the timing of crustal-scale detachments in the Aegean – DFG project Ri 538/18-1 (Euro 25.000 received for 2 years).

Vertical ductile thinning and inverse pressure-temperature breaks during nappe stacking in the Western Alps, Gran Paradiso Massif, Italy – DFG project Ri 538/17-1 (Euro 10.000 received for 3 years).

Climate stratigraphy of shallow marine Late Miocene carbonates (Heraklion graben, Crete): A new sedimentologic tool for subdividing tectonically active graben (main principal investigator T. Brachert, Mainz) – DFG project Br 1153/7-1 (Euro 90.000 received for 3 years, including salary for a Ph.D. student, 2001–2004).

Pressure-temperature-time evolution of a heterogeneous nappe pile in the Aegean and westernmost Turkey: Implications for retreating subduction zones and for the exhumation of high-pressure rocks – DFG project Ri 538/16-1 and 16-2 (Euro 200.000 received for 3 years, including salaries for a postdoc (2 years) and a Ph.D. student (3 years), 2001–2004).

Fission track and (U-Th)/He-dating on apatite and zircon for constraining the tectonic and erosional components of exhumation along a crustal-scale detachment in the northern Menderes Massif of westernmost Turkey – DFG project Ri 538/15-1 (Euro 25.000, 2002–2004).

Relationship between tectonics and sedimentation in the forearc of the Hellenic subduction zone on Crete: Implications for retreating subduction zones (project in graduate college, main principal investigator T. Brachert) (funding for 1 Ph.D. student for 3 years, 2000–2003).

Aspects of the three-dimensional thermal evolution of the Cycladic Massif in the Aegean (project in the graduate college) (funding for 1 Ph.D. student for 3 years, 2000–2003).

Deformation processes in the southern Menderes Massif, western Turkey: Implications for the exhumation of metamorphic rocks in the eastern Mediterranean (project in graduate college) (funding for 1 Ph.D. student for 3 years, 2000–2003).

Finite-difference modelling of detachments (project in graduate college) (funding for 1 postdoc for 1 year, 2000–2001).

Transition from subduction to collision: Late Miocene to Recent sedimentation and tectonics in the Heraklion graben on Crete – DFG project Ri 538/14-1) (Euro 10.000 for 1 year, 2000).

Dynamics of accretionary wedges: Quantification of deformation processes and mass loss in the Torlesse accretionary wedge of New Zealand – DFG project Ri 538/12-1 and 12-2 (Euro 100.000 received for 3 years, including salary for Ph.D. student, 1999–2002).

Tectonic significance of large-scale folds in the Torlesse accretionary wedge, New Zealand (project in the graduate college) (funding for 1 Ph.D. student for 3 years, 1998–2002).

Kinematic and metamorphic evolution of the western Menderes Massif in Turkey – DFG project Ri 538/4-1, 4-2 and 4-3) (Euro 200.000 received from 1993-2001, including salaries for two Ph.D. students from 1993–1996 and 1997–2000).

Geodynamics of convergent plate boundaries: Quantification of deformation processes in the Tor-lesse accretionary wedge (funded through Mainz University) (Euro 10.000 received from 1997–1999).

Triclinic shear zones (project in graduate college) (funding for 1 postdoc for 2 years, 1997–1999; principal investigator C. Passchier).

Can the deformation in thrust zones be described by simple shear? A case study at the Glarus Thrust in Switzerland (project in the graduate college) (funding for 1 Ph.D. student for 3 years, 1997–2000).

Tectonic processes in accretionary wedges: The relevance of volume loss and vertical ductile thinning for the exhumation of high-pressure rocks, Franciscan Complex, USA – DFG project Ri 538/8-1 (Euro 40.000 received from 1996–1999).

Investigations on the kinematic development of pressure solution fabrics in experimentally and naturally deformed rocks – joint DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and NSF (National Science Foundation of USA) project (Euro 30.000 received from 1996–1997).

Depositional history, accretion tectonics and pressure solution deformation in the Ukelayet Flysch, Olyutorsky suture zone (Kamchatka, Russia) – joint NSF/DFG project (Euro 15.000 received from 1996–1997).

Palaeobiogeographic, sedimentologic and tectonic evolution of the Manyara Rift (Tanzania) – Project funded by National Geographic Society, USA (Euro 80.000 received from 1995–1996, main investigator T. Bromage, Hunter College New York).

Tectonometamorphic evolution of the eastern Central Alps – DFG projects Ri 538/1-1 and 1-2) – (Euro 60.000 received from 1989–1992).

Students Advised:

MSc and Honours students:
(year of graduation): Susanne Laws (1996), Wolf Lackmann (1997), Robert Bolhar (1997), Alexander Ramthun (1997), Michael Maxelon (1999), Ralf Halama (2000), Anke Wohlers (2000), Christine Kumerics (2001), Antje Orendi (2003), Peter Richter (2003), Stephan Diedrich (2005), Michelle Herd (2007), Christoph Butz (2008), Rob Holm (2008), Daniel Schulte (2010), Hamish Carrad (2011), Reuben Hansman (2012), Jan Sintenie (2014), Hugo Hedin Baastrup (2014), Henrik Linnros (2016), Amanda Bergmann (current) and Frej Yngwe (current)



PhD students:
Ralf Hetzel (1995), Klaus Gessner (2000), Maren Tünker (2003), Hagen Deckert (2003), Stephanie Brichau (2004), Christian Glaab (2004), Jean-Luc Regnier (2005), Christine Kumerics (2005), Osama Kaoud Kassem (2005), Peter Richter (2007), Kai Neufeld (2007), Brendan Duffy (2013), Jonathan Davidson (2016), Reuben Hansman (current), Alexandre Peillod (current) and Hagen Bender (current).


Klaus Gessner (2000–2001), Alexander Kühn (2004–2005), Thomas Will (2003–2005), Gideon Rosenbaum (2004–2006), Bradley Goodfellow (2014-2016) and Karl Lang (current).